NOW they tell us !

We, your tearful and contrite dislocated hippies spotted these stern moral injunctions in a temple next to the HCM Museum in Hanoi. We recognised ourselves (and most of you if truth be told) immediately and fell into a swoon.

We have been dissolute hippies, travelling, listening to loud music and rarely, if ever, building toilets for our people.  If only we’d been here thirty years ago !

But alas it’s too late for regrets now for it seems we are destined (if we haven’t arrived there already and THAT dear Sirs and Madams is a hotly debated point in the streets and cafes of Hanoi) to an old age riddled (inter-alia) with:

idiocy, strangulated bowels, lack of success, paralysis, power loss, disastrous retributions, disorders of the internal organs, loneliness and incompetency,

(although with the latter it seems we will be partially compensated with a pretty neat looking Tom Sawyer style raft).





It’s too late for us but save yourselves !!!


2 thoughts on “NOW they tell us !

  1. There’s certainly room for a lot of thought and consideration there to think about.
    It’s really describes what is happening in the USA at the moment.
    It’s clearly a blessing that the American imperialists were defeated by Uncle Ho and his freedom fighters.


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