Ho Down !

Not many people knew it but Ho Chi Minh, universally loved, totally respected and known affectionately as Uncle Ho, besides being an excellent leader, revolutionary, social theorist, Father of his Nation, River to His People and self made man par excellence was also a terrific dancer.

Here he is demonstrating his seemingly effortless  mastery of the backhand twirl and barn dance promenade.


Next to crushing Imperialism Ho loved nothing more than to cut a rug.  He showed the Albanians a step or two.


Danced a jolly jig with the Russians to the throbbing twang of the Balalaika.


Some have even suggested that he may have invented the Macarena, as this photograph seems to show him demonstrating the moves as another comrade accompanies him on the air guitar.

President Ho Chi Minh and comrade Cayxon Phomvihan, President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos (February 8th, 1966)



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