Have You Seen This Civet ?

A much loved Civet has gone missing !  Please check your gardens, your sheds and under your beds. $100 reward has been offered, that’s a bucket load of Kip ! (860,000 to be precise). So we searched, not for the money you understand but for the small child crying themselves to sleep at night without […]

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Hypochondria ? Can you catch it ?

Hypochondriacal inclinations are, (like everything else in SE Asia), magnified.  As I write this on the banks of the Nam Khan River, huge blue and gold butterfly’s flap past,               enormous, dappled, layered, cloud covered mountain ranges loom,       elephants trumpet (seriously, there are several sanctuaries within […]

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Buddhist Hell in Luang Prabang

The very notion that the Buddhist philosophy includes a Hell of eternal suffering, hideous torments and gruelling damnation surprises many of we Westerners, who tend to have a sort of fluffy bunny chocolate box idea of the religion. Well, bake your bunny in a pie and throw the chocolate box in the fire folks because […]

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A Close Shave in Luang Prabang

Hair, hair everywhere.  Time for a little trim. Wandered the streets and came across a Barberbear. He was cutting this chap’s hair when we went past, and was still at it when we returned some time later.  ” Hello “. I thought, “this is a meticulous fellow”. Little did I know just how meticulous. We […]

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CHANG – A Drama of the Wilderness

The Mekong River bends like a double jointed elbow around the peninsula on which sits the enchanted city of Luang Prabang. Now, quite near the point of the elbow, nestled among the gilt Wats, the peeling Godowns and shuttered shops, the charabancs and bicycles, bamboos and water reeds, the chai stalls and sickly sweet sugar […]

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