The Road to Penang



Our last day in KL and we are genuinely sorry to leave it. We will be back, it has that mysterious undefinable something about it. We just relaxed here, siestad in the A/C during the mid day sun and sauntered around the rest of the time, doing hardly any of the sights. The city and people themselves are the sights.

This is the pattern we’ve chosen as an alternative to the way we travelled when we were youngsters, racing at breakneck speed from museum to gallery to Cathedral and back again all day long.  Now it’s time to stop and smell the sambal.

Breakfast early in the morning at our favourite 24 hour Indian Restaurant right next door to our hotel. Delicious Roti with egg, onion and chilli and a curried dal dipping sauce. Freshly pressed orange juice and strong coffee.


The Roti chef was a master…


The coconut delivery truck arrived…


So, onto KL Sentral for the 9:00 am train to Butterworth. Drove past the Raja’s Palace, a fine pile of grand domes and luscious carved Wood in a botanical garden setting,

On the train now, rocketing towards Butterworth at over 140 kms an hour…


We have just left Ipoh and are careening through a lush landscape of endless jungle and Palm with a backdrop of dappled, layered, misty mountains that look like those usually seen on the walls of a Chinese restaurant. We wouldn’t be surprised to see an old man with a topknot riding a donkey over a red lacquered arched bridge…Hang on a second..what’s that ? No, a concrete overpass with a young man driving a lorry, close enough.






2 thoughts on “The Road to Penang

    1. Hot & Fishy. Gee, it’s beautiful over here. What a place ! We’ve got a week to check out the temples and rest our dogs, 3 days in Phnom Penh then Vietnam !!! Yippee ! We are both remarkably well inside and out, upside and downside. Love you b&k xxxxx


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