Capitalist Rats meet Saigon Micky

We beetled towards  Hoang Sa in District 1 (to check in with the lovely Lunch Lady of Saigon), when we came across a splendid park. Saigon is strewn with lovely green spaces, beautifully treed, gorgeously shrubbed, elaborately flowered.  They often have magnificent ceremonial arches, stirring heroic statues and heavy duty exercise gear for the locals […]

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Hôi An – Man oh Man !

Hôi An is an enchanted place, a powerfully beautiful medieval port city that fell asleep 200 years ago and has now awoken, and we, your dislocated hippies, have fallen under its spell. We had arrived a little frazzled from Nha Trang, extricated ourselves from the sleeper bus, and walking like Egyptians, folded ourselves into a […]

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Fabulous tribal fashions in Faifoo

Hōi An ( formerly known by Westerners as “Faifoo”) has a marvellous display of photographs and clothing of the tribal people of the central plains and the hills and mountains north west of Hanoi, (the most famous of whom are the H’Mong). We, your dislocated hippies, are not ethnographers and wouldn’t know a tribal person […]

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