The Love Boat

Peace and love reigned on the ocean wave.  Gorgeous folk posed. Exotic food abounded. Weird art was draped in the stairwells between decks, including this beguiling Javanese nose horn player. Boys and girls looked thoughtfully on. Tigers and peacocks also….what the….tigers and peacocks ?  What could possibly go wrong there ? The whole animal Kingdom […]

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What ? The Last Wat !

Darlings, we’ve Watted you up, we’ve Watted you down, we’ve Watted you all around the town.  It’s been grand and it’s been great but the time has come when fate has kicked us in the fleshy rear and booted us from there….all the way over to here. “Here” is Kolkata which is a little like […]

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CHANG – A Drama of the Wilderness

The Mekong River bends like a double jointed elbow around the peninsula on which sits the enchanted city of Luang Prabang. Now, quite near the point of the elbow, nestled among the gilt Wats, the peeling Godowns and shuttered shops, the charabancs and bicycles, bamboos and water reeds, the chai stalls and sickly sweet sugar […]

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