The Green Palace of Mysore

When in Mysore we stay at the Green Palace Hotel. The GP is a stately pile, evidently built by the Maharaja for one of his sisters.  We think it may have been a less-favoured sister as the place, glorious though it is, is, (in Mysore Maharaja terms) more of a hunting lodge, albeit a grand […]

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Délices d’Architecture: Mysuru

Robbie Burns must have been reincarnated at Mysuru because it is the city of hundreds of greens – buildings, school uniforms, livery, plants, rooms, museums – a city of wide, elegant promenades and avenues, a bounty of roundabouts with cupolaed statues of Indian icons staring resolutely into the frenzy of the traffic.

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The Magic Mountain of Mysuru

Today the challenge of Chamundi Hill – all 1,000 steep steps to spiritual serenity with a rest at the giant and rather seriously spectacular Nandi at 700. The way is crawling with monkeys and plastered with graffiti as you pass heavily-breathing devotées. There are signs warning not to trespass in the forest at which we joke […]

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