The islands of Indonesia were born after the marriage of the Moon to the Centre of the Earth. Their Mother Moon, (as women do) glows proudly over them, lovingly strokes their turquoise waters and coral reefs, draws their tides in and out, fills their nets and combs their sandy shores, dropping shells and sea horses […]

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Kristen and the Cecil-Jees

It had to happen.  Kristen has been discovered, become the lead singer in a cool band and they’re hitting the Bengali circuit.  Here are the band in their first publicity shot, just about to head to South Kolkata for their first major engagement.

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King of Jazz

Thailand’s previous King, Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej, who sadly passed away in 2016, was revered by his people as a God King. Apart from manfully shouldering the weighty burden of being both King and Deity Rama IX was a renaissance man, educated in the USA and Europe before the War, called to the throne by the […]

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The Secret Police-Man

Henri Padovani, a Corsican cool chat non ?  Mai ouis !!! The mid to late 70s threw up a maelstrom of new fashion, new music, new styles, and a new fuck you attitude that exhilarated the music and social scene.   Into this exhilaration a young long haired, bearded Corsican stepped. Henri was befriended by Stewart […]

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