Muzium Telekom

I was wandering peripateticly (as you do,) and came across this staircase, it looked green and inviting so I accepted the invitation and up I went I did. Past this beautiful flower and this sleepy guy, (sssshhhh, come on, lets tippy toe past him). Up up to the corner and around the bend, walking, walking, […]


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The Mustachioed Machismo of Rajasthani Turbans

The Turbans of Rajasthan¬† Why are these fine figures of Rajasthan manhood looking so sad and wistful? Their Turbans are splendid and beautifully wrapped. Their moustaches luxuriant and attest to their unquestioned masculinity.They are rakish men-of-the-world with insouciant twinkles in their eyes. Is it because they are contemplating prospective partners that have been chewing too […]

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