Dislocated Recipes for Success: Pollichathu

Kerala is the ‘land of spices’. It has been on the tourist route for centuries as well as being a trading hub. Its climate and soil are perfect for growing pepper, cardamom, curry leaves, chilies, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and turmeric. Coconut is king and features in some form or other, be it the pulp, the […]


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Gone Fishin’

A bit different from dropping a line over the jetty down the Bay. Legend suggests it was that famous travelling Irishman Marc O’Polo who bought these sci-fi insect like and strangely elegant devices back from China. The chant of the Keralan fishermen was compelling and beautiful and sounds like the song of working gangs all […]

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Kochi #2

Kochi is so very beautiful, so full of amazing tableaux that it could not be contained in one blog.  Thus…White ginger sifters, black Santa, Dhobi Wallahs, Ayurvedic massage recipients bearing uncanny resemblances to road accident victims, a Hebrew village, Bolsheviks, Catholics, Dutch Skulls and crossbones.

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Street Art Kochi Kochi is a dreamscape of 18th century Dutch and Portuguese architecture floating on lush green islands in a tropical sea. It is the land of Kathkali, of pepper, all things ginger, fragrant spices and coconuts, ancient churches congregated by believers whose ancestors were evidently converted by St (Doubting) Thomas himself, and the […]

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Kathakali Kapers

Kathkali is an ancient and venerable dance tradition that sprang from the rich culture of the people of the Malabar Coast.  The Dancers are the direct hereditary descendants of dancers going back over many centuries. They are trained from early childhood in the language and symbols of the dance and in a muscle control so […]

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