Mysore Palace

Mysore has the Palace from central casting. Overwhelmingly beautiful, a melange of styles and colours that come together incredibly well. It’s a pastel wedding cake that perfectly captures the essence of India – a hodgepodge, a mishmash, a series of stratified layers and rings more numerous than any tree or rock, an avalanche of appropriations […]


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Délices d’Architecture: Mysuru

Robbie Burns must have been reincarnated at Mysuru because it is the city of hundreds of greens – buildings, school uniforms, livery, plants, rooms, museums – a city of wide, elegant promenades and avenues, a bounty of roundabouts with cupolaed statues of Indian icons staring resolutely into the frenzy of the traffic.

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Art House in Udupi

We were doing our morning discovery tour of our latest destination – Udupi – South of Mangalore in beautiful Karnataka when we stumbled upon the most fascinating of stone fences – all different types of sculpture and art leading us to a gateway adorned with animals and idols. We peered in with unfeigned interest to […]

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