Kathakali Kapers

Kathkali is an ancient and venerable dance tradition that sprang from the rich culture of the people of the Malabar Coast.  The Dancers are the direct hereditary descendants of dancers going back over many centuries. They are trained from early childhood in the language and symbols of the dance and in a muscle control so […]

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Udupi Idyll: Let’s Dance !

Udupi, Karnataka is a temple town, a place of pilgrimage and prayer, with rather amazing temple chariots.  Rooly trooly chariots of the Gods. It is a charming place but we have a terrible, terrible confession to make.  We know that in your eyes we are like a cross between Scott of the Antarctic, Edmund Hillary, […]

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The capric super-model of Maheshwar

We all know that you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, nor can mutton be dressed up as lamb…. We found the perfect example of this at photo-opportunity-central – the amazing Ahilya Devi Fort, in sublime, fantastical, other worldly Maheshwar, near Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. Here resides, capers, poses, struts, moués the […]

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