Bangers in the sun

Those Portu-Geezers were canny chaps eh what ? Caravels tacking into the wind, deep sea exploration, the first great maritime empire, the spice trade, and a great eye for a beautiful colony, to wit, Brazil and Goa. The colonial buildings remain, and thought we can hear no Iberian in the streets the empire lives on […]

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Chilli Chocolat

We dislocated hippies love nothing more than to begin the day with scurrilous, ill-advised, disreputable behaviour. This, dear long suffering readers, was one of those deliciously deplorable days. We were out early one morning and stumbled, (as we do with our best finds), onto the lip smackingly sensational Maison Marou. Chocolate for breakfast anyone ? […]

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Spicy and Hot in Da Nang

Dearly beloveds, We’ve skipped through paddy fields, golf courses, resorts and building sites, statuaries and beachfrontage. Hôi An and Da Nang are more or less connected, with just a few dozen acres of rice and chicken runs between their respective urban sprawls. Two final words on Hôi An ( three if you count the word in parenthesis […]

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