Délices d’Archtecture: Madurai

 Even by the already interplanetary standards of India Madurai stands out as otherworldly, a bastion of spirituality reflected in buildings and people, the Meenskshi Temple, sacred to the Fish Eyed Goddess, seems to be a sacred portal into another world, pulsing with energy and spreading it’s love over this extraordinary place.  

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The Green Palace of Mysore

When in Mysore we stay at the Green Palace Hotel. The GP is a stately pile, evidently built by the Maharaja for one of his sisters.  We think it may have been a less-favoured sister as the place, glorious though it is, is, (in Mysore Maharaja terms) more of a hunting lodge, albeit a grand […]

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Délices d’Architecture- Lucknow

Lucknow deserves to be far more widely known.  She is a magnificent Grande Dame of a City, beautiful and coquettish, enticing and seductive, smiling, gracious, charming and lovely, despite the slings and arrows that Fate has dealt her. In her Mughal prime Lucknow was the equal of Granada, Esfahan, Constantinople and Hyderabad.  Her buildings and […]

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