Miracles in Malacca (or bonkers in Jonkers)

Greetings gentle readers, peace be upon you all.  The dislocated hippies here, feeling warm all over inside and out here in beautiful Malacca.

After feasting on cornflakes, toast and jam, mango juice and coffee we ascended St Paul’s Hill and beheld the miraculous statue of  St Francis Xavier.  The story goes that 60 years after the Saint’s death the Pope of the day ordered that the Saint’s blessing hand be severed and sent back to Rome (as you do).  When the hand was removed blood flowed from the 60 year old cadaver.  Spooky eh ?  But wait !  There’s more !  Some centuries later a statue of the Saint was erected and the day after it was consecrated a casuarina tree standing over it fell …and severed…The Blessing Hand !!!!!  Back to Mass all you lapsed Catholics and militant atheists, ( yes, Chris LeMay were talking to you).image.