Art House in Udupi

We were doing our morning discovery tour of our latest destination – Udupi – South of Mangalore in beautiful Karnataka when we stumbled upon the most fascinating of stone fences – all different types of sculpture and art leading us to a gateway adorned with animals and idols. We peered in with unfeigned interest to […]

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The capric super-model of Maheshwar

We all know that you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, nor can mutton be dressed up as lamb…. We found the perfect example of this at photo-opportunity-central – the amazing Ahilya Devi Fort, in sublime, fantastical, other worldly Maheshwar, near Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. Here resides, capers, poses, struts, moués the […]

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Sorrow into Joy

In India, in between the Sun’s rays and the Moon’s beams the physical and the metaphysical tangle and blur,  constantly wavering, shimmering, flickering in and out of focus. Ganesha, Rama and Sita, Krishna and his Gopis, Shiva and Kali and Hanuman walk the streets and enchantment fills the air. Even as one plants ones fleshy […]

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Temple of Taste ~ Siem Reap

Beautiful little Siem Reap is justly famed for the eye popping splendours of Angkor Wat and the many surrounding temples. Who would have thought that this small country town holds not one but two extraordinary places to sample fusion Asian cuisine blending the recipes of Cambodia with its exotic herbs, vegetables, fruit with a modern […]

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