Hanoi: The Pause That Refreshes.

Aimlessly wandering  the streets of Hanoi (in our inimitably dislocated fashion), we were slightly taken aback to see a Rickshaw Walla leap from his saddle in the middle of the street like a circus trick rider, (leaving his customer also more than a little flabbergasted). Padding over to the street corner on which we stood, […]

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The Songbird and the Frenchman

Hoi An continues to deliver the goods.  It’s a seething yet strangely soothing melting pot of people, tastes, clothes, ideas and music. Today we met Michel, a charming Frenchman who has lived in Saigon for over 20 years. Michel had been sent to Saigon as a troubleshooter for his firm, the dongs and Francs weren’t […]

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