Art House in Udupi

We were doing our morning discovery tour of our latest destination – Udupi – South of Mangalore in beautiful Karnataka when we stumbled upon the most fascinating of stone fences – all different types of sculpture and art leading us to a gateway adorned with animals and idols. We peered in with unfeigned interest to […]

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Crumpin’ & Pumpin’ Mumbai

Mumbai, it turns out, has a lot of sharp edges. A city with a lot of grunt, a fair bit of thump, the occasional clunk, and the odd bone headed lunk.  This is the story of one we met out walking down from the Elphinstone towards Crawford Market. Innocent bystanders looked on, sometimes innocent bysitters […]

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The capric super-model of Maheshwar

We all know that you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, nor can mutton be dressed up as lamb…. We found the perfect example of this at photo-opportunity-central – the amazing Ahilya Devi Fort, in sublime, fantastical, other worldly Maheshwar, near Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. Here resides, capers, poses, struts, moués the […]

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