Food Glorious Food

A year on the road exposed us to many delicious dishes in Asia.  My own delicious dish, Kristen, has somehow miraculously managed to stay slim and gorgeous while I have taken on a barrel like shape and are preparing myself for several bouts of serious dieting once we get back to Sydney, Here are some […]

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The Kindness of Strangers

Take a bow world.  People, pat yourselves on the back.  Goodness and decency flourish.  Kindness, laughter and generosity of spirit rule. Like Blanche Dubois we are constantly amazed, warmed, delighted and thankful for the generosity and warmth we’ve encountered from total strangers on our travels. Here are some of the stars of our show, people […]

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Phnom Penh 2

The monks glow like embers in the streets of Phnom Penh. We ambled north along the Mekong as it rushed and eddied south, and saw the inevitable companion buildings to any port or harbour town, cafes, tourist dives, girly bars with names like “I get you and you get me”, (what it is, exactly, that […]

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Wok around the clock.

Of cloudy Angkor sunrises and Phnom Penh pensées. Climbing the heights to the Artist’s studio at Phnom Penh has left our blogs a little out of kilter (and our pegs also). So, gentle and long suffering readers, back to Siem Reap we drag you, kicking and screaming. We rose on our penultimate morning in Siem […]

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The Thirty Nine hundred Steps

  Street 109 Phnom Penh, our home away from home.  Why don’t you join us and come up from the street to our loft ? Our welcoming street entrance…     The electrical system – mind boggling in complexity.     This knowing cat stops halfway, aware of the heights yet to climb. We step […]

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