Crumpin’ & Pumpin’ Mumbai

Mumbai, it turns out, has a lot of sharp edges. A city with a lot of grunt, a fair bit of thump, the occasional clunk, and the odd bone headed lunk.  This is the story of one we met out walking down from the Elphinstone towards Crawford Market. Innocent bystanders looked on, sometimes innocent bysitters […]

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Délices d’Architecture- Lucknow

Lucknow deserves to be far more widely known.  She is a magnificent Grande Dame of a City, beautiful and coquettish, enticing and seductive, smiling, gracious, charming and lovely, despite the slings and arrows that Fate has dealt her. In her Mughal prime Lucknow was the equal of Granada, Esfahan, Constantinople and Hyderabad.  Her buildings and […]

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