Sorrow into Joy

In India, in between the Sun’s rays and the Moon’s beams the physical and the metaphysical tangle and blur,  constantly wavering, shimmering, flickering in and out of focus. Ganesha, Rama and Sita, Krishna and his Gopis, Shiva and Kali and Hanuman walk the streets and enchantment fills the air. Even as one plants ones fleshy […]

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Hypochondria ? Can you catch it ?

Hypochondriacal inclinations are, (like everything else in SE Asia), magnified.  As I write this on the banks of the Nam Khan River, huge blue and gold butterfly’s flap past,               enormous, dappled, layered, cloud covered mountain ranges loom,       elephants trumpet (seriously, there are several sanctuaries within […]

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Dear Readers, Pray, let me moan and groan a little, rattle my chain, fix you with a glittering eye and ask.  “Do Ye believe in ghosties” ? (Disclaimer:  We’re Catholics so we have to, one of our Big Three has the word “Ghost” as part of his title). I had taken some snaps at the […]

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