Calcutta Cinema & Cemetery

Through the shining streets we walked, down alleys and lanes.  Did Kolkata disappoint ?  What do you think ?  We were pondering the big issues and contemplating tiffin. Came back to the muddy earth just briefly before our heads were plunged into the glittering Stars again in the shape of the fabulous Park Show House. […]

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Sorrow into Joy

In India, in between the Sun’s rays and the Moon’s beams the physical and the metaphysical tangle and blur,  constantly wavering, shimmering, flickering in and out of focus. Ganesha, Rama and Sita, Krishna and his Gopis, Shiva and Kali and Hanuman walk the streets and enchantment fills the air. Even as one plants ones fleshy […]

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Delhi – Imperia

Delhi, Capital of Empires, a marble shout out to Mughal splendour and early 20th Century design.  We became quite nostalgic for Canberra as we tuk-tukked through and around the many roundabouts and speared down the bicycle spoke streets fanning out from them.   Speaking of planned cities we visited the earthly remains of one of […]

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Délices d’Architecture- Lucknow

Lucknow deserves to be far more widely known.  She is a magnificent Grande Dame of a City, beautiful and coquettish, enticing and seductive, smiling, gracious, charming and lovely, despite the slings and arrows that Fate has dealt her. In her Mughal prime Lucknow was the equal of Granada, Esfahan, Constantinople and Hyderabad.  Her buildings and […]

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