The Luwak is a very smart enema, evidently.

Always edumacational  we present the story of the Luwak, the coffee bean ingesting, fermenting and ultimately expelling furry critter of Indonesia. “After eat he’s boom” ! The Coffee was actually pretty darn good, rich, round and delicious despite the drama of its journey. The Luwak (or Paradoxus) itself, has a pretty intense look about it, […]


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Thai Ads

Lovely vintage advertisements Thai style. A little Dab’ll do you. A somewhat androgenous chap.  Perhaps a cross dresser receiving necktie advice from his wife ? A saucy nurse, who may or may not have a deal going with the local dentist, appears to be advocating Pepsi-Cola, the soda of choice for decadent pinko Westerners. Beautiful […]

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Hinglish Rules !

Hinglish.  Perhaps the most evolved of all the variations  of our noble mother tongue. Most felicitous and expressive, most bower birdish and elastic, most sweet to the senses, most profound to the reason.  You know it makes sense. We know that Shakespeare and Chaucer would have approved. But enough of car now Le jay.  What is […]

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