Food Glorious Food

A year on the road exposed us to many delicious dishes in Asia.  My own delicious dish, Kristen, has somehow miraculously managed to stay slim and gorgeous while I have taken on a barrel like shape and are preparing myself for several bouts of serious dieting once we get back to Sydney, Here are some […]

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Breakfast Epiphanies

Forget about Tiffany’s these are our epiphanies… When travelling included-breakfasts are a big deal. Depending on their largesse they can keep you going for the day AND the heavy duty of sightseeing and walking miles not knowing where you’re going. We have come across some exceptional ones in our travels Vientiane, Laos The transcendental rice […]

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Chilli Chocolat

We dislocated hippies love nothing more than to begin the day with scurrilous, ill-advised, disreputable behaviour. This, dear long suffering readers, was one of those deliciously deplorable days. We were out early one morning and stumbled, (as we do with our best finds), onto the lip smackingly sensational Maison Marou. Chocolate for breakfast anyone ? […]

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