A Stroll Through Sunny Sydney.

Sydney is a rare treat, and now it’s my home, I’m excited.  It’s only 50 years older than Adelaide and Melbourne and yet it feels much more venerable.  An ancient street design in its oldest part, think Benares and Babylon, a comparison underlined by the towering ziggurat like structures at either end of the bridge.  Streets and lanes meander away from Circular Quay, as if Governor Phillip had put a bit of string in a donkey’s mouth, wacked it on the backside and instructed his surveyors to follow it and lay down the streetscape accordingly.

My old mate Greg and I took in the sights.

First we found wisdom…and about time too.


Just over the road is the State Library of NSW, with impressive brass Aboriginals stamped onto the doors.

In the foyer hangs the artist’s version of the coat of arms.  My multi talented wife Kristin designed it ( though the credit goes to the fellow who she was working for, an artistic convention I know, but still, grrrrr).


Those perplex poles streaking our from the arms are usually lit up, but not today alas.  She’s a clever clogs that Kristen.

We had a decko at the Deco.


And onwards and upwards we went, onto the Cahill Walkway and look…there’s that well known coat hanger with gum leaves in the foreground to give it an even more local feel.  You can play them you know ?  A bit like an Australian version of the comb and tissue paper.


Onto the bridge went we and this is what we did see.


It IS beautiful…and also more than a little like Nuns playing rugby.  Across we went and down down to the arch under the bridge where a pop artist was pushing his wares.


Luna Park loomed.


I looked at it.


Next, onto Wendy’s Garden, we see newlyweds, curious cats, a saint and several sinners, a speakers corner and end up in a rooftop gin joint in the cross !  Stay tuned.
























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