Our beloved sister Colleen and her lovely husband Graeme live in a little oasis, Pompoota, out Mannum way.  “Where” ?  We hear you cry.  “ Mannum,” we reply, and when you continue to stare blankly we helpfully add, “You know, out Murray Bridge way.”  “Ahhh”, you respond, and settle back comfortably in your chair, confident now and secure in your knowledge of this place and that and of your relationship to it.

Now you see the great River bending through the red dirt cliffs, winding its way towards the coast to keep its date with the foaming Southern Ocean.



2 thoughts on “Pompoota

  1. The bathtub garden-priceless.
    At some point give me an answer, succinct as ever, to the question: How come the Aussies and Kiwis are so obsessed with WW I? In Europe if we do harken back it is to WW II and nobody cares about the first one. I know you lost a lot of young men in the first one, but then the second one was a victorious one.


    1. Sorry to be indiscreet darling but WW I was a victory for us as well. So, WW I was a big deal in that it was our “introduction” onto the world stage, the first time our boys had the chance to show off and they showed off to great effect.


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