Adelaide…The “Rad”.

Adelaide, dear readers, the Queen of the South, the Athens of the Antipodes, the Paradise of Dissent. It was here that my ancestors toiled, span and weaved, punched and ducked, danced and drank, plowed and plunked, they squeezed accordions and strummed guitars, broke horses and ran bars, sat in Parliament and stood at sit-ins.

Adelaide has come on (strangely mostly since I left about 30 years ago). It now has the funkiest bars and music, the best food and wine and beer, the loveliest Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens, wonderful old pubs, great beaches, terrific almost European hills and a hinterland that is second to none, but, yeah, ok, the water is still shockingly bad. But hey, it also has Look out for Koalas signs in the burbs !

Artists sit in the street sketching fetching cottages. This is Pippa on The Broadway.



There’s an election on don’t you know ?

Some canny wag is taking the pet based piss….and we like it.

There are Mutts cruising the suburbs on trolleys drawn by humans, murals, art, sprinklers, beautiful girls in markets, and plants.



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