Last night in Asia

Our time was up, our plane was leaving for Darwin that evening,  it has been an incredible year full of delights and surprises.  Did Asia hold one last tiny surprise for us ?  You bet your sweet bootie it did.

We had treated ourselves to a few days at a resort in Ubud, very luxurious, acres of astonishing gardens with fountains, pools, waterfalls, statues, arches, lizards, butterfly’s, exotic huts, you name it.

Out the back we ventured among the splendid rice paddies.


There was a hubbub happening which we followed.  A crowd had gathered, nearly all guys apart from the ladies running the concession stalls.


Saucy games of chance were being played.


But the main game was beak and claw, feather and blade. Yes, dear ones, Cock fighting.


Suffice to say the feathers were flying and I’m not sure who actually won the bout but can confidently suggest that sport was the winner.














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