A slice of Alice on Anzac Day.

We emerged from the lovely Diplomat Motor Inn, we’d missed the Dawn Service but comforted ourselves with the thought that the ANZAC’s would have rather been in a comfy bed too.  Still, we might get a glimpse of the March ?

So out we trundled when suddenly with a clatter of the security door this apparition burst upon us.

“What time is it “ ?  He said.


“8:05” we replied.

“Is that NT time” ?  He said.


“Yes it is” we replied.  We exchanged names and hand shakes.  Relief all around.

”Thank Gawd”, said he, “I missed the bus yesty, and it’s 5 hours out to the Station”

“Why did you miss your bus Jimmy” we asked ?


Jimmy looked sideways and smiled

“Well, you see, I hadn’t had a beer for five weeks” !






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