D0BFBDF1-0215-4F8D-8344-DAA657298A493913E336-238A-4593-B134-79791B3A01303243B728-255B-4AA8-8BCA-F884E69281DA3E6A0B03-D493-4020-A71A-4CC8E2C0FBA0C54C7BBB-4FB3-49A9-9B9E-4B20AE550DBA482E4545-2223-4F6E-8731-BAB4D0DAFE92410D8232-107C-4AFB-80DB-E0BD45B43A12D1EADE6D-0C89-413E-90BB-EF89B5D269655ACD95F5-B763-481A-A634-222A9650F9A0Bass player in Ubud solos on Corcovado. Hello !

Kid accompanies him.


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