Ubud the Passing Parade and Pets in Pokie



Hopeful  90,000 ?

Reasonable  70,000 ?

How About  50,000 ?

Another sale lost as two tourists mysteriously decide not to invest in wooden interlocked dangling monkeys.


Meanwhile, poochies in pokie ?  Hounds in the hoosegow ? Dogs in detention ?

Puppies in prison ?  Dingos in vile durance ?  Coyotes in the calaboose ?

Strangely disquieting scenes, but fear not doting dog lovers, we’re fairly certain that, unlike their cousins in Nam, these are for detention purposes only rather than being the last stop on the way to the dinner table.




Also spotted today a Lady who appeared to be coming and going simultaneously.  Either that or she’d suffered a terrible mishap whilst dancing the hokie pokie ?


Opinions were divided.















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