Ubud…the Dancing Quince.

Certainly I was overexcited.  There’s no point denying  it.  After a month of being a shipwreck on the shore of the sea of life,


only staying afloat due to very occasional uplifting encounters with mermen and mermaids like Mirek and Ksenija.


(They have a truly excellent beautifully written and put together blog by the way, check it out at http://www.crazyparentstravel.com/

So where was I ?  Oh that’s right.  Finally, after going through the trauma of her beloved Uncle Peter’s death and comforting her dear cousins and loved ones, My love had returned and the Marigolds said it all.  Those marigolds are spooky.


Meanwhile, despite my running around in circles clapping my hands Atlas merely shrugged whilst Titus only groaned.


In yet another eerie coincidence (or coinci-dance as spellcheck insists and which I rather like) I beheld a sign which looked very much like one of my final performance appraisals at work, (apart from the wood carving bit).


But I wasn’t the only one excited in Ubud.  Some of the locals were evidently pretty worked up over the Cha Cha Cat Collection.


And who could blame them ?  These local domestic animals however had no comment.


So life sped on, ice creams were licked and onlookers looked on,


My love has returned (had I mentioned that) and everything seemed lusher and greener and more delicious.


Ubud’s Honey Man (who in another turn of the Quincy dance we met on Jalan Hanuman, make of that what you will you infidels and disbelievers).


Finally, two melons were seen approaching one another cautiously.  That’s me on the….left !



















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