Come to Bali (you know you want to) !

if you (as I was not long ago) are sitting at home feeling crushed by the vicissitudes of life, boss on your arse like an angry boil, money worries constant, bleeding from both ends metaphorically, doing a damn fine job of impersonating a field full of cadavers, barely breathing….then…COME TO BALI.

Seriously Dudes, you can do it.  I’ve just spent six nights in a perfectly fine home stay, hot water, wifi, delicious breakfast, comfy bed, lovely garden… a bit less than $17 Australian dollars a night !!!  Yesterday I upgraded to a slightly more luxurious place with an even lovelier garden, about $20 a night !

All of this in seriously overdeveloped Ubud.

100 yards one way down the street is a boulevard lined with restaurants, souvenir stalls, hawkers, scooters and taxis, it’s pandemonium.

100 yards the other way are cool green terraced paddy fields, picture perfect, breath taking.  Come on over, the living is easy.



4 thoughts on “Come to Bali (you know you want to) !

  1. Lovely. Have you been to the Italian restaurant down the road. I’ll Giardino behind Galleries Hanging Snell?. Next to Starbucks .

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    1. No honey child but thanks for the tip. Last night I had very good fish and chips at Hippie Fish on the same rd. Also, of course, the Lotus Cafe and Clear Cafe. K loves Italian so we’ll go there when she’s here next week (Hooray) And will raise a glass to you and your lovely Rex. b x


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