My very first Dragon

OK, I’m no linguist and I think perhaps that “Komodo” may well be the generic Balinese name for Lizards.  But anyhow, I’m getting ahead of myself.  So there I was,  I’d finished my Chia and mixed fruit bowl with a ginger and lime juice featuring, I think you’ll agree, a VERY tasteful stirrer.



Sated, I sipped my nice strong black Balinese coffee, gazing out at the idyllic scene.


Suddenly, a rustling sound, the leaves parted and this primordial relic scuttled across the floor right next to me.


Making himself well at home he climbed up onto a nearby bench and gave out a little hiss accompanied by some impressive rapid tongue action.


Then onto the nice cool wood for a little kip.


About 18” to 2 feet long I reckon.

“ What is THAT ?” I breathlessly asked the waitress.

”Komodo” she replied solemnly.








4 thoughts on “My very first Dragon

  1. Scary stuff. I’m glad you had a hearty breakfast. Did you manage to pocket the swizzle stick?

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