Monkey Forest Road

Man, there is a forest FULL of #*@$%*! monkeys here…and people actually go to look at ‘em ?


Not me though, I’ve read “Me Cheetah” an epic tell-all roller coaster ride of an autobiography which lays bare the dark and hairy soul of these our simian cousins.

Besides, there was more than enough wildlife to go on with without being bitten by some hairy half relative twice removed.

Firstually, Boris the spider in my very own backyard.


Nextually, the laundry man and the lizards just around the bend.


This laundry wallah is the happy owner of not one, but two twin tub washing machines.  A man of considerable means. Well, who wouldn’t be happy about that ?


It’s been decades since I gazed into the fascinatingly mesmeric surge of the twin tub.  Remember this ?  I’m flashing back to every share house from the late 70s.

So, suitably hypnotised and with the deep sudsy strangely satisfying and downright Proustian smell of mildew and old soap powder filling my flaring nostrils I stepped out onto Jalan Monkey Forest .
















2 thoughts on “Monkey Forest Road

  1. Those damn monkeys are really aggressive. Never look a male in the eyes, they will go after you!
    I have done a fun photo essay Monkey Goes to Town if you to go to Archive in our blog.
    It is. I’ve to go to Monkey forrest before they open to the public and down the steps to the gully.


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