Ubud 7 am

Early morning in Ubud.  My complimentary breakfast (it always looks up at me, winks suggestively and says something like “Who’s a pretty boy then” or “lookin’ good this morning Tiger”) wasn’t ready just yet.

So  I stumbled onto the footpath of the Main Street to see what I could see.  This is what I saw.

And in seeing I tickly  loved the elegant lady with the bag of rubbish on her head, the mysterious ghost of the (potentially vengeance seeking or so I choose to suggest), red chicken looming behind the Balinese Colonel Sanders, the woebegone Guy trudging down the street looking a lot like Hans Moleman and the guy on the ledge who was initially pretending to be asleep, peeking at me quasi surreptitiously until he knew I’d tumbled to his game at which point we both started laughing and he curled up into some sort of early morning Yoga shape.



4 thoughts on “Ubud 7 am

  1. Bill –How do you get away with all this charming in the face photographic verite ? It must be your extraordinary charisma. You are worthy of Lissette Model!

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  2. Lovely town you must go to as many dance performances as u can and also contact my man Wayan to take you on the trail of songket and waterfalls.

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