The Age of Aquarius

6EDE5DE2-8036-4FEB-A200-D6590948EDD0DAEBD925-30CB-4C77-A2AF-C71CD641CFD2Also known in 1973 to the wags of Year 10 Purple (the opportunity class) at Christian Brothers College Wakefield Street, as The Age of a Hairy Arse.


Plenty of Aquarian’s here in Ubud,  but not many hairy arses.  Possibly due to this sweet but mysterious process.


I don’t know.  I’ve led a sheltered life, Adelaide in the 60s was pretty quiet you know.  But sugaring ?  What can it possibly be ?  This lass didn’t know.


This guy didn’t know either.  He picked the ring a friend option but darn it the friend also didn’t know.


The kite seller, the mobile florist and the lady behind the fork in the tree ditto.



I might as well have asked the street art.


So in sublime ignorance we all trudged on, only partly consoled by today’s words of  marigold wisdom.












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