The Java Express

Toot toot !  Alllll Aboard !

I was very almost bodily carried from the ticket counter to the waiting room and from thence onto the train by these lovely Indonesians.  What fine, kind people they are.


I’m sorry this is such a crummy shot but it took me by surprise when all the porters at the station in Jakarta lined up on the platform with their hands on their hearts.


So off we went on another grand adventure.


The conductor came through, looking for all the world like a very senior airline pilot, with his own armed guard to boot.


Were we comfortable ?  Yes we were.


Useful signs were everywhere. You may call them signs ( I suppose I just did), but really, they are rules to live by, particularly the last one.


Then, like a vision, the two most gorgeous and beautifully apparelled food and drink vendors arrived, wheeled their trolley down the corridor and gave me a rather delicious hot chilli chicken and rice dish.


Jakarta and the Jakartans sped by, strangely beautiful.


More porters and people, this time Surabayans.


And so to Banyuwangi where I met lovely little Ronnie, the sunglasses King.

















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