The Happy Clappers

The Happy Clappers were aboard, or, as our cousins across the Tasman would call them, the Hippie Clippers.

They were a happy bunch too, charismatic Christians from all over Indonesia, gathering in Jakarta to pray for the successful re-election of the current PM, Joko Widodo.

There was, honestly, Happy.  A lovely guy, very bright and articulate.


And Joy.  (He has a woman’s name but I kept quiet about it).


There was Maria the Prophet.


And lovely Nora.


Little Celeste from Dili was there, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Butterfly McQueen.


Celeste had been in Dili during the massacres and had prayed for the Australians to come and rescue them. And guess what ?  Her prayers were answered.  “God bless Australia !” said Celeste.  “God bless you Celeste”, I replied.

Maria prophesied for me.  Happy translated.

Good news everyone !  Everything is going to be great !

Then everyone prayed for me.

I could get used to this.  So much to all those bosses and teachers who told me I didn’t have one of these.  Now I have several.

Songs were sung.  Michael rowed his boat ashore, Grace was amazing.  We all gathered at the river. How great we wert.

No speaking in tongues occurred and we parted with expressions of mutual regard.

So, just to recap, I’ve been hugged by Moslems on the top deck, and prophesied and prayed over by Christians below deck.  It’s what we in the Racing Industry call an each way bet.

Tuhan memberkati Mu.



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