The Love Boat

Peace and love reigned on the ocean wave.  Gorgeous folk posed.


Exotic food abounded.



Weird art was draped in the stairwells between decks, including this beguiling Javanese nose horn player.


Boys and girls looked thoughtfully on.


Tigers and peacocks also….what the….tigers and peacocks ?  What could possibly go wrong there ?


The whole animal Kingdom was in a foment.  The natural order was disturbed. Dolphins appeared to be leaping out of their pools and coming straight at you.


I raced back to my cabin, badly in need of a coffee, and boy, did I find a coffee there !  My lovely cabin mate, Ricky, was whipping up a serving of his own home town Java, (except it was from Sumatra.)

Kopi Sidikalang, from Medan in Sumatra.




It was unadulterated, pure stuff, Ricky assured me.  Only to be drunken in the morning and at lunchtime.

A heaping spoonful of the powder, add boiling water, then stick in a slice of the bark of the Kulit Manus tree.


It was amazing, best coffee I’ve ever tasted.  I had a little chew on the Kulit Manus bark, it was bitter and woody st first then a sweetness came out of it.  Ricky was such a doll that when I expressed my delight and amazement he pulled a bag of it out of his case and presented it to me as a gift.  I’ll never get over the sweetness and generosity of our fellow Asians.  We rule !










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