The Happy People of Bukit Bintang

Kristen is still away grieving with her cousins and Aunty.  I’m suddenly all on my own, a callow youth of barely 60 summers,  lost in the big steaming megalopolis of KL.  It sometimes makes me feel like this,


While at other times it’s more like this,


But bless the cotton socks of the Bukit Bintangians.  They have ridden to my rescue.



Now I’m feeling much more like,











5 thoughts on “The Happy People of Bukit Bintang

  1. Glad you have company in your lonely wandering.
    Too bad we could not join you in KL. We very foolishly drove from Batu Caves yesterday to KL to see the famous twins and got totally stuck in Friday night traffic. With the last drops of gas. Yikes! What a nightmare. Now at the airport leaving for Sumatra.

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  2. That is a pity, would love to catch up again anytime. Did you get to Jalan Alor ? Sumatra has a last frontier sound to it. Now no changing into loincloths and swinging through the trees you two, unless you really want to. The orangutans might never let you go. b xxx


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