Can erstwhile PM and full time nerd K Rudd be following us ?  Is he in deep cover throughout SE Asia on some covert mission for the UN trying to scrape those last few votes together ?

Certainly at one stage he seemed to be taking on the physical shape of Gareth-Gareth Evans, Australia’s other famous Foreign Minister and UN hopeful.

We remember Kevin, we loved him, we loved his moves.


He did have an uncanny ability to resemble a wide range of personalities.


He has his own private army, the Mud Men, now known as the Rudd Men.


And when we consider that he DOES speak Mandarin, (and, just to add to the unravelling conspiracy [or is it what’s left of my mind that’s unravelling] he actually WAS a Mandarin).  No, no, not a small delicious orange fruit but a PS Supremo.

I met more than enough public service Supremos during my own illustrious (ahem) career to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are shape shifting baby eating demons.  And that’s only the nice ones.


There are many signs that Rudd has been here, statues, paintings, look alikes, you be the judge.











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