Ipoh, Malaysia

I was upset when I arrived in Ipoh.  Uncle Peter was dying.  Kristen was in Adelaide.  It was hot and sweaty.  My hotel had run out of beer.  Everything seemed to be closed.  Places that said they were open were closed. It was pissing me off big time.  I contemplated leaving straight away.  Then it grew on me.



5 thoughts on “Ipoh, Malaysia

  1. Great find in Ipoh was Aussie Bill who invited us for coffee and entertained us with travel stories for the better part of the hour. Wish we had more time. And wish we had a chance to meet the better half, who was mentioned often and with great love. Hope you are reunited soon and have more fun on the road!

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  2. Very sad to hear about Kristen’s Uncle Peter. She was very close to him.
    But glad to hear that in spite of all your adversities, you are finding wonder in all the places you wander. Much love.


    1. He was a top bloke Eleanor, a renaissance man, a lover of all good things, graceful and clever but always kind to the stupid and clumsy. I speak from experience. Really, he (along with Tom and a Brian of course) made Kristen the woman we all love.


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