Leaving Bangkok Boo Hoo

Just four days but what a blast.  We’ll def be back.  The oldies (ahem, what Pete Townsend called “My Generation”), really rock it here.

Is it the heat, the lemongrass, the chili, ginger and garlic ? Tom Yum for breakfast with jasmine tea ? Whatever they’re doing they’re doing it just right.  They are kind and sweet.  Come here if you can.



2 thoughts on “Leaving Bangkok Boo Hoo

  1. After a year of brilliant travels you have finally got me to Leave a Reply.
    Your wonderful senior citizens of Bangkok collection Bill, while Kristen is, sadly, in Adelaide.
    Better late than never, you are probably thinking.
    Better now when I can, than my usual must get back.
    Planning a long life, as you can figure.
    Many, many times I’ve glanced at your warm and generous blog, and was instantly with you both.
    Soon you are on the way home so I’m also feeling the immediacy (sob, sob) of your departure.
    Feeling too, the end of my regular India hit, reminded that I didn’t get there to hang out with you, as I’d hoped.
    Namaste. A rare quiet moment at Brooklyn.
    More lovely guests arriving all day.
    Thank you for sharing your time away so beautifully.
    Much love M


    1. Hi Honey, still at Brookers eh ? You should come and join us in Bali for a week if you can get away. Failing that we’ll be in Melb on 21 & 22 April and would love a long languorous catch up if you’re free ? b xxx


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