A Little Ray of Sunshine in Bishop LeFroy Street

Got lost on the way to breakfast, past a school uniform shop, school uniforms have certainly changed since our day.

Found ourselves on Chowringhee, wacked on the bonce by a descending traffic arm, footpath up, footpath down, our feet like monkey’s paws feeling the ground beneath, soles undulating with the terrain, toes clutching the broken bitumen like prehensile fingers.

The Shami Band were coming home from a gig, some happy, sone reflecting on bum notes and missed cues.


Without realising how lost we were we found ourselves again on Bishop LeFroy St.  pointed ourselves down it and found a whole boulevard of beautiful posters, tributes to the great man, Satjayit Ray.  He lived here.  The butter yellow mansion in the background of some shots is the Ray family mansion.





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