Calcutta Cinema & Cemetery

Through the shining streets we walked, down alleys and lanes.  Did Kolkata disappoint ?  What do you think ?  We were pondering the big issues and contemplating tiffin.

Came back to the muddy earth just briefly before our heads were plunged into the glittering Stars again in the shape of the fabulous Park Show House.  Remember, filthy language is strickle prohibited.


So past piles of goat’s heads, celebrated hockey players and passionate calls to arms.


We found ourselves at the gate of the very wonderful LC Rd Cemetery.


This is a beautiful resting place. It doesn’t have the majesty of the Park Street necropolis but it more than makes up for it in charming and lovely inscriptions.

Here, for example, are Dolly and Just Jim.  She was a loving wife and an honest pal.  He’s just resting by her.


Shavians and Shakespeareans get a go.  In fact, if you can blow up the top inscription on the bottom photo you’ll see that the Chairman of The Board also gets in on the act.


Rather beautiful archways line the avenues of eternity.


Anjana Bose was a good sort.  Death be not proud indeed.


This is our favourite.  What better thing to write on a gravestone than LIFE ?


There were some lovely busts  and crows there.


Wayne is there.


And Beryl too.


The Hero Noel Pereira who is not growing old as we that are left are.


The shrubs and flowers delightful.


Here’s a little number in hot pink.


Here’s one we prepared earlier.




Herbert Alick Stark’s rather magnificent stone..


My darling Dadu, my love.



We had a long and delightful chat with the Director, who, among other things had met Ted Dexter whose Anglo-Indian Father in Law resides therein.  The Director, poor chap, almost fainted when we told him that cemeteries in Australia regularly dig people up and chuck their bones away.  “ I thought that Australia was supposed to be nominally a Christian country ? ” he said.  We didn’t know where to look.























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