Breakfast Epiphanies

Forget about Tiffany’s these are our epiphanies…

When travelling included-breakfasts are a big deal. Depending on their largesse they can keep you going for the day AND the heavy duty of sightseeing and walking miles not knowing where you’re going.

We have come across some exceptional ones in our travels

Vientiane, Laos The transcendental rice pancakes with fresh mango at the charming little cafe in Vientiane.

Kolkata, India In Kolkata our host and hostess, Rono and Keya, wanted us to try all the treats of Indian breakfasts: sweet curd and fresh fruit, Indian pizza, poha, tomato and onion, rice idli – (think spongey rice pancakes) – it was a constant feast and treats.  Pictured below is the inimitable Shankar, Major Domo of Lake View Terrace, preparing the aforementioned Indian pizza.

Mathura, India The scungy café in Mathura that Bill swears served the best toast (fried in butter both sides) and a delicious chai.

Hanoi, Vietnam The Breakfast Lady of the Church Legend Hotel, Hanoi, trapped in her hot hell-hole of a kitchen, always smiling with her beautiful breakfast displays, urging us to eat more.


Ella, Sri Lanka Our hostess in Ella at La Ciel whose traditional Sri Lankan breakfast each morning were a surprise and delight. Rice hoppers with a spicy, delicious dahl, a bountiful fruit plate, coconut pancakes that we couldn’t resist, light egg noodles with veg curry, omelettes in varied flavours, fragrant Ceylon tea.


Galle Fort, Sri Lanka And then again the Sri Lankan breakfast at the Heritage Fort in Galle Fort- string hoppers, fish curry, chicken curry, delicious coconut rotis fresh from the griddle, fruit plate, dhal, coconut sambal, milk rice. Phew! I’m exhausted even thinking about the bounty

Kochi, India The Fruit platter in Kochi that took us back to the sweet flavour-full fruits of our childhood

Mumbai, India The Egg Maestro at The Elphinstone Hotel in Mumbai – egg perfection every time and every morning a cheery smile to check everything was to our liking.

Siem Reap, Cambodia The egg-cook-artiste of Siem Reap whose tomato sauce palette of smiley faces and good mornings always bought a smile to the face.


Saigon and Hanoi, Vietnam

A French chocolatier in Hanoi in his chocolate studio, Maison Marou, and his sinful chocolate breakfast .


The steaming bowls of Pho in Vietnam, fragrant, rich with an umami kick to carry you through the day.




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