The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Sri Lanka

Travelling through Asia and the subcontinent is at times challenging. Sri Lanka is simply charming.

No curbside piles of rubbish, no strident claxxoning of horns, no olfactory assaults, – a gentler, more relaxing paradise on all counts. Pillows that you sink into unconsciousness gratefully. Towels with a fluff-factor off the scale.

I understand why this place was called Serendipity.

There’s a serenity and tranquility about the temples.

Big Buddha watches down on us.

Even down to our room…

There’s green everywhere. The air is sweet-scented and so clean. It’s like drinking a refreshing glass of water but breathing it. We can’t resist taking in huge gulps.

Colombo- Big, bustling city that spreads out far. The centre filled with beautiful and magnificent Colonial buildings and arcades.We spoke of the restaurant/bar with Mr Personality at the keyboard but the rooms – great football fields that they are continue the pleasantly soothing step-back-in-time. Everything just a little dusty and past its use-by-date- but intriguing and crazily entrancing.

Kandy – with its large lake and the Temple of Buddha’s Tooth with the Big Buddha on the hill looking down and spreading serenity.

Our hotel here is filled with graciously helpful and charming ladies for whom nothing is too much trouble. It is in a big old pub with a lush central garden and internal verandahs all around. It has lays pleasantly familiar country and western hits throughout the day and night.

Our bedroom is a colonial wet dream with romantic mosquito-netted canopy, little luxuries abounding and a huge shower head with full pressure and cascades of never-ending hot hot water. The towels are downy needless to say.

Ella – beautiful mountain vistas wherever you look. Though a hill station with a crisp chill to its air, the town didn’t get the memo and acts like a beachy hippie hangout.

We are staying in a splendid homestay. The dinners and breakfasts are deliciousness exemplified. So varied, so nuanced – a world apart from the curries of India . Our hostess beams beatifically constantly as she bears groaning platters of her culinary delights up to our little table and chairs that look onto the (constantly changing) scene below.


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