A giant Jain Saint stands meditating on top of a holy hill, 2 hours from Mysore, concrete tendrils winding around his calves as he stands in blissful serenity gazing at the hazy plain below.

We took a cab through miles of sugar cane and bananas.  Some ladies were letting the traffic thresh their harvest.


There was good old Mr Ambedakar again.  He was an untouchable who went on to draft India’s Constitution and is widely revered.


At the foot of the steps a kindly offer.


Even, if you should require, a coolie powered chairlift.


It was a lot of steps up, those chairs we’re looking good.


Once on top you get to see the lovely stone carvings and stencil work.


There was a band playing and people dancing.


There was even a bit of biff.


And finally the Saint himself.  He is, as you see, being renovated.


The view from the top.


A final kind offer of guidance


A strangely Assyrian looking horse.


And back into the cab.  Look, there’s good old Mr Ambedakar again !


We pass a school with very useful murals including some on the very, very many perils of outside defecation.  Outside defecation ?  Just say no !









3 thoughts on “Sravanabalagola

  1. Poor Gommateshwara -Bahubali- he is surrounded by a forest of sticks! I remember him well being anointed by rose petals and honey delivered by helicopter! Lets hope he is restored to his naked majesty soon! cheers XXLoe


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