Medical Matters



Touch of the flu here but never fear the great Indian health system has come to the rescue.

The Drs and staff at the clinic were splendid.  Consultation fee was $1, antibiotics, pain killers and decongestant another $4.



Just a little delirious, let’s see, how does it go ?  If I eat one of these a day I keep the gorilla away ?


I’m sure that after a day or two Ill be feeling as happy as this fellow,


Some of the health related literature here.


This last puts us in mind of the Commonwealth Heads of Government conference held in Australia in the early 1970s. Moraji Desai, the recently elected Prime Minister of India, was in attendance. Being 85 he was asked a question about his longevity. ‘To what do you attribute your long life?’ was the first question.

The Prime Minister didn’t hesitate, to a stunned Press Corp he replied, ‘I drink a glass of my own urine every morning.’  Whitlam commented later, “Well, I’ve heard of people getting on the piss early, but this is ridiculous.”


2 thoughts on “Medical Matters

  1. Having had such an unexpected expense , I hope one visit is all you need, otherwise you may have to cut your travels short! 🤭🙄☹️😷🤧
    Also don’t forget to keep all receipts so that you can put a claim in with your travel insurer! 👍🏼😁


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